Shredded Hot Peppers

Our shredded hot peppers are harvested, chopped, and prepared in small batches to preserve the fresh-from-the-garden flavor.

shredded hot peppers label
Price: $4.00

Mango Salsa

Sweet and spicy--a great blending of sweet mango and traditional salsa favorites sweet peppers, onions, and tomatoes.

Mango salsa in a dish
Mango salsa label
Price: $4.00

Sweet Pepper Relish

Made only with sweet bell peppers. Great taste on everything you try it with. Mix with cream cheese for a dip.

sweet pepper relish in a dish
sweet pepper relish label
Price: $4.00

Sweet Fire Bread and Butter Pickles

We took Grandma’s classic pickle and turned up the heat a little. We pickled tangy-sweet cucumbers and onions together in our signature brine, then added a fiery punch to linger a while.

sweet fire bread and butter pickles in a dish
sweet fire bread and butter pickles on a fork
sweet fire bread and butter pickles label
Price: $4.00

Sweet Dill Pickles

A regular homemade special! You will love them. Lightly sweet with a good dill flavor.

sweet dill pickles in a dish
sweet dill pickles label
Price: $4.00

Seven Day Sweet Pickles

These taste just like your grandmother might have made. A very sweet pickle.

seven day sweet pickles in a dish
seven day sweet pickles label
Price: $4.00

Red Raspberry Conserve

Delicious plump red raspberries make this a superior tasting conserve.

red-raspberry conserve in a jar
red-raspberry conserve label
Price: $4.00

Pickled Garlic

The garlic lover's choice. It is sure to please the palate.

pickled garlic in a dish
pickled garlic label
Price: $4.00

Pickled Beets

The traditional homestyle taste you are sure to love!

pickled beets in a dish
pickled beets label
Price: $4.00


A very old family recipe. Good with hot dogs, hamburgers, or especially good with a roast or other meats.

piccalilli in a dish
piccalilli label
Price: $4.00

Hot Pickled Garlic

If you like hot peppers and garlic, this is for you.

hot pickled garlic in a jar
hot pickled garlic label
Price: $4.00

Hot Pepper Mustard

A hot delicious relish! Great on sandwiches, hamburgers, and hot dogs, or try it as a pretzel dip. It's good with chicken BBQ or nuggets. A good combination of sweet and hot peppers and mustard.

hot pepper mustard in a dish
hot pepper mustard label
Price: $4.00